Geosynthetic products: geocomposite and geogrids

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Techdrain GTG is a drainage geocomposite
Its fuctions are: filtration, drainage, separation and protection.
It is composed by a geonet Techdrain with a geotextile laminated in both sides.
DesignationGeonet thicknessGeonet materialGeotex weightGeotex materialWidth
TECHDRAIN GTG 5125,5 mmHDPE120 gPP3,7 m
TECHDRAIN GTG 5155,5 mmHDPE150 gPP3,7 m
TECHDRAIN GTG 5205,5 mmHDPE200 gPP3,7 m
TECHDRAIN GTG 7127 mmHDPE120 gPP3,6 m
TECHDRAIN GTG 7157 mmHDPE150 gPP3,6 m
TECHDRAIN GTG 7207 mmHDPE200 gPP3,6 m

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