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Techndrain is a drainage geonet
Intermas TECHDRAIN geonet is a 3 layer (triaxial) HDPE drainage net consisting of a robust inner core and outer stability strands, increasing significantly the tensile strengh and compressive resistance.
Depending on the application, non-woven geotextile can be attached to one or both side of the net.

The triple layer construction provides high flow rates and high confining pressures normally associated with deep waste facilities.

The stability strands permits to reduce intrusion of geotextile into drainage core.

TECHDRAIN is ideally suited to base side slopes where construction of gravel drainage layers is difficult and expensive, and for landfills bottom due the high flow rates under 300 to 1000 KPa. In both applications the light weight geonet is rolled out to form a thin, high flow drainage layer with a large surface area for rapid drainage.

TECHDRAIN has been designed and engineered for long term drainage and provide adequate shear stability.
DesignationGeonet thicknessGeonet materialWidth
TECHDRAIN T 55.5 mmHDPE3.7 m

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