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VIADRAIN is our range of geocompounds for in-ditch longitudianl drainage. It is made up of a geonet and a non-woven geotextile thermo-bonded on both sides.
VIADRAN presents important advantages over the traditional method and over other geosynthetic drains:

- VIADRAIN geodrains are always chosen following the drawing up of a technical study that demonstrates that they will be able to evacuate et least 1.5 times more water than the traditional solution.

- Its laying method allows work to be cahes and carried out at all times from outside the ditch, with the added safety this provides for those carrying out the installation. This is an advantage In deep ditcunstable ground.

- The installation performance is increased between three and four times with respect to French drain.

- The patented system of open edges allows the use of pipes of any diameter (geodrains with a closed bag are limited to maximum pipe diameter of 250mm).
DesignationHeight (H)Geotex weightGeotex materialDrainage pipeLength (L)
VIADRAIN 5050 cm120 gPPfrom 90 to 200 mm50 m
VIADRAIN 6565 cm120 gPPfrom 90 to 200 mm50 m
VIADRAIN 100100 cm120 gPPfrom 90 to 200 mm50 m
VIADRAIN 120120 cm120 gPPfrom 90 to 200 mm50 m
VIADRAIN 150150 cm120 gPPfrom 90 to 200 mm50 m

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