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INTERGRID is a geogrid made of high-module elastic polyestes (PET) used as an element of reinforcement.
  • CIVIL WORKS <br/>  In the implementation of landfill, both in sealed and in new vessels, which may appear slope geometry and geotechnical characteristics require the placement of a reinforcement geogrids over the layers of geosynthetics to prevent landslides. <br/>  Its function is to counteract the difference between the destabilizing force, the longitudinal component of the weight and the stabilizing force is the force of friction that is generated in the various interfaces between soil and geosynthetics.
  • INSTALLATION: <br/>  For installation of geogrids, the banks should be well shaped.  <br/> Will be crowned in a ditch that will serve as the anchor for all geosynthetics subject to be placed on the slope (geogrids, bentonite, etc.).
  • This type of bearing structure can gave two types of finishes:  <br/><br/>  Concrete blocks:  <br/> On the front of the wall prefabricated pieces of concrete can be placed in different colours and shapes. <br/> It is possible to make practically vertical faces.<br/><br/>  Natural finish:  <br/> In order for this finish to be ideal we must take into account: <br/> Suitable soil with vegetation in the front. <br/> Installation of an irrigation system which is suited to the needs of the zone. <br/> Use of indigenous seeds. <br/> The gradient must not exceed 80 degrees so that the face can retain water.<br/><br/>   APPLICATIONS: <br/>  Car parks. <br/> Single family dwellings. <br/>  Large shopping areas. <br/> Industrial parks. <br/>  Sports areas. <br/>
Due to their composition and manufacture, these materials have the following characteristics:

High short-term tensile strength at break: from 20 KN/m to 1,000 KN/m
Low deformation in short-term break.
Excellent performance in yield.
Optimal interaction with all types of floors due to its structure.
Easy and fast installation
The union between the weft and the warp is perfect, preventing tears.

INTERGRID, the geogrid, has been designed and planned to be a long-term reinforcement and to provide adequate stability for the construction unit.
DesignationTensile StrengthColorWidthLength (L)
2,2 m100 m
3,9 m100 m
3,9 m100 m
3,9 m100 m
INTERGRID 110110 kN/m
3,9 m100 m
INTERGRID 150150 kN/m
3,9 m100 m
INTERGRID 200200 kN/m
3,9 m100 m
INTERGRID 300300 kN/m
3,9 m100 m

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