"VERSOS 14" on 12nd-13rd November (BILBAO, SPAIN)


One more year, INTERMAS Group will take part as a sponsor in the Congress VERSOS14 which will take place in Bilbao. " VERSOS, landfills and sustainability" is a biennial event focused on the design and execution of landfills in the area of the BATs (Best Available Technologies) where the environmental geology is always the protagonist. In this context, INTERMAS will introduce its wide range of drainage geocomposites (INTERDRAIN & TECHDRAIN). INTERDRAIN is used in landfill cappings as a rainwater drainage layer and/or as a biogas collection layer. TECHDRAIN is an advanced solution for applications where there is need of a high resistance to compressive loads; such as in leachate collection or leak detection drainage systems in new cells of landfills. Visit us in Bilbao on the 12th and 13th of November of 2014 at the “Campus de la Excelencia” at the UPV (Spanish Basque Country Polytechnic University).